What exactly do i get for my money?
You get intraday recommendations for the service you have chosen, Sample recommedations given below

Buy Nifty futures above 5200 SL- 5175 TG- 5225/5250

Do you give calls on Fundamental or Technical analysis?
Our recommendations are purely based on Technical Analysis. However for a few delivery products we also look at the Fundamentals but primiarily it is technicals

I feel your services are expensive compared to others?
We house a highly specialised and qualified research, we employ the smartest and the brightest people for our Customer Support team. We work extremely high-end and accurate software to ensure the best quality and quality comes at a price

Why only 2 days free trial?
The trial of 2 days is given so that you can check the way recommendations are given and if it suites your style, since there are lot of costs involved in the trial we have limited it to 2 days.

I have already had 2 days trial with you. Can i have another trial?
We are Sorry. We only offer the 2 day trial once.

Before I subscribe to your services, I was just wondering, on average how often do you make recommendations?
This completely depends on the service you are subscribing to, on an average varies from 1 – 4 recommendations in a day.

Will i get any other information on SMS, other than trading?
We provide all information our Research team deems relevant for a successful trade, this might include Market news, levels etc.,

What is your success and risk reward ratio?
We have been maintaining an accuracy of 80-85%, over past 4 years. Our risk reward ratio is 1:1, where we give stop loss of 1:1 and 2 targets of 1:1 each.

Can I contact my advisor during market hours?
Yes, you can reach us @ 080 49678900. We have a dedicated team of Business Analysts to help you out.

Do you refund money?
Since we have an estmated accuracy of 80-85%, which is the best in the market today, I do not think you will have the need for money back. Moreover, DreamGains offers a free 2 day evaluation to ensure that our products and services will meet your need without the need to purchase, there will be absolutely no refund and cancellations. For more details read our Cancellation and Refund Policies