11 Things you never knew can be traded on exchanges apart from Stocks and Metals

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We are all aware of stocks, bonds, debts and metals such as Bullions and Base metals as well as energy like Crude Oil and Natural Gas.

Oil & Oil seeds

oil - Unique CommodityUnique Commodity - oil seeds

Oil/Oil seeds like Red Mustard Seeds, Castor seeds, Refined Soy oil, Mentha Oil etc are available for trade in India and outside India too.


Unique Commodity - Spices

Spices like Turmeric, Cardamom, Coriander, Jeera, Chilli etc are traded on Indian bourses.


Unique Commodity - Rubber

Plantation product like Rubber is also available for trade in NCDEX exchange in India.


Unique Commodity - vegetables

Potatoes are widely traded on Indian bourse NCDEX.

Grains and Pulses

Grains and pulses - Unique Commodity

Bajra, Channa, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Barley etc are very popular in India and US as well.


Fibres - Unique Commodity

Different grades of Cotton (Kapas) are available for trade in Indian bourses.

Dairy Products

Unique Commodity - Dairy Products

Dairy products such as Milk, Butter and Cheese are tradable commodity on exchange in US CME.


Unique Commodity - Lumber

Lumbers (Timber) too are available for trade on CME, USA.


Unique Commodity - softssofts - Unique Commodity

Soft products like Sugar available for trade in India as well as US and Cocoa & Coffee can also be traded on CME, USA.

Live stocks

Live stocks - Unique CommodityUnique Commodity - Live stocks

Now this really blew up your mind, didn’t it? Yes, Live Cattles, Lean Hogs (Pigs) and Feeder Cattle are very much available in Future contracts of CME, USA.


Electricity - Unique Commodity

Yes you read it right, ELECTRICITY also being traded on exchanges in Futures contract among CME and Inter-continental Exchange. In US Different products are specified in terms of States like Indiana Hub, Western Hub, and Illinois Hub etc.


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