This is pack is best suitable for those traders that are trading in Equity market but cannot dedicate time to watch the market entire day. Here traders get daily one or maximum two tips towards end of Intraday session to Buy or Sell Equity that they need hold for only one day and next day those positions are to be closed.

In this pack the customer will receive 4-5 BTST/STBT tips in a week with an accuracy of 80-85%. The BTST/STBT tips would be either in the spot market in the equity segment. .

Those clients, who do not stay in India but trade in Indian markets, can avail our Yahoo IM services at no extra cost.

  • 4-5 BTST/STBT calls in a week Accuracy of 80-85%
  • Risk reward ratio of 2% if in cash market
  • Follow ups and all important news and economy updates
  • Complete assistance during and after trading hours
  • Fast SMS service with a delivery time of 7-8 seconds

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