Energy Pack


MCX India has a wide range of commodities traded ranging from Precious metals, Base Metals, Energy and a few Agri Products. Trading in Gold silver and other such Commodities is an excellent avenue for traders as there has been significant movement and more of positive results to an informed majority. This product deals with technically analysed Buy and Sell calls based on our research Team’s research.

The commodity market too is highly popular with thousands of people across the globe. Each and every movement upward or downwards in this volatile and ever growing commodity market we ensure that there is a significant opportunity to maximize your return from trading in commodities. The services is complete with commodity market BUY/SELL recommendations in national precious metals along with daily economic data such as US Employment data, market news, analysis and every updates related to market by SMS as well as messenger.

The predictions extended by us are based on methods that are considered highly accurate and deemed reliable by most old-timers in this trade.

  • Limited but quality calls. 1-2 calls on a daily basis.
  • Sms service is delivered fast, with a minimum delay.
  • An accuracy of 70 – 75% maintained on all our intraday calls.
  • Recommendations are given in both energy counters i.e. Crude Oil and Natural Gas.
  • Complete support through sms and chat room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get one sure call in a day as I trade in big quantity?

    There is nothing sure in the markets. But if you trade according to a strategy then you can earn consistent profits from our recommendations.

  2. I trade only in base metals so will I get any discount on service package?

    We have separate package for Base metals and the pricing of this product is mentioned on the website.

  3. Can I talk directly to the research person who is looking after the product of commodities?

    No, the customers are not allowed to talk to the research team directly, unless he has subscribed for HNI services where one of the Technical Analyst will be managing the client’s account.

  4. What additional information will I get on commodities market by subscribing your services?

    You will be provided with morning levels on all 9 commodities on the basis of which you can manage your positions.

  5. What additional support will I get by subscribing your services?

    You will be assigned an account manager who will support you during market hours whenever you ask for support.

  6. Will I get the calls in all 9 commodities daily?

    No, you will receive 2-3 intraday calls daily.

  7. On what all commodities I will get tips?

    You will receive recommendations on Precious metals - Gold & Silver, Energy – Crude Oil & Natural Gas and Base metals – Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel & Zinc.

Pricing Packages

Half- Yearly