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Is your idea of hedging or having a diversified portfolio is trading in Index Futures market? Then you can be sure you have found a friend in us. Investing in Futures market is surely a rewarding market. As the old saying goes, ‘Bigger the Risk Bigger the Rewards’, this a situation no different from what it means. We aim to deliver the best rewards at minimum possible risk in Nifty and Bank Nifty Futures.

It is a highly profitable business in Stock market if you have definite plans and pre-determined strategies.

For example, an individual expecting the price of an index to increase during a particular period of time could seek to profit by purchasing one or more futures contracts on that index. Profit (or loss) will depend on whether the price increases (or decreases).
Conversely, another individual (or the same individual at some other time) could speculate on an expected price decrease by selling futures contracts at the current price, with the expectation that they can later be profitably offset by buying a like quantity of these contracts. It is not necessary to own or borrow shares of the underlying stock in order to sell futures contracts.

Trading in index futures i.e. Nifty and Bank Nifty futures has never been easier with brokers giving attractive margins with low investment and highly profitable trades. Bank Nifty futures show high volatility and we aim to capture the maximum of this volatility and generate profitable recommendations.

  • Dedicated customer relationship managers providing 1-1 attention.
  • Complete telephonic support
  • Complete technical support
  • Close to 20 nifty and bank nifty calls in 22 trading sessions in a month

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time it will take to get my service activated?

    Your services will get activated on the next working day after you make a payment.

  2. Can I earn daily 200 points in Bank Nifty futures daily?

    We advise our customers to trade under a particular strategy and not to look for over aggressive targets as the average daily volatility of Bank Nifty futures is around 200-250 points.

  3. Do you give any operator based calls in Nifty or Bank Nifty futures?

    No, all our calls are based on deep analysis of charts i.e. Technical analysis and also recommend our customers to avoid this kind of calls from any other service providers.

  4. How much will I earn by following your calls?

    It will depend on capacity of buying or selling but we try to generate 15-20% returns on the invested capital in the call.

  5. What is the risk-reward maintained in Nifty Futures product?

    We maintain a risk-reward ratio of 1:1 in all intraday recommendations. A minimum of 25 points target in Nifty and 60 points target in Bank Nifty futures will be given.

  6. Do I have to hold positions also in this product?

    No, the calls are purely intraday and we ask our clients to close all positions in intraday itself.

  7. How will I be able to know where to take entry and where to book profits?

    All the recommendations are given with proper entry and targets. The follow-ups are also given time to time where to book partial and when to book full profits.

  8. Will I get calls only in Nifty futures?

    Majority of the recommendations will be given in Bank Nifty futures based on high volatility and Nifty futures calls will also be given if market looks to give good movement.

Pricing Packages

Half- Yearly