Stock Cash


Stock Cash is one of the oldest financial instruments in the stock market. It is the preferred trading instrument for most trades in India. Shares listed publicly constitute a major part of the Exchange Trades anywhere in the world today. We provide recommendations in Stock cash and have developed a niche in the industry with our high accuracy and strong risk management.

  • Only 2-3 intraday calls a day to avoid confusion and focus on profitable trades.
  • Services on SMS and online chat room with fastest in the industry delivery time.
  • Technical assistance throughout the trading day.
  • Consistent month on month accuracy of 80-85%.

More about Stock Cash Market:

The Cash market is a public financial market in which the financial instruments are traded for immediate delivery. Stock Cash is the most preferred trading instrument for most of the traders in India, thanks to its simplicity in understanding. The risk involved in trading in Cash segment is little bit less when compared to trading in other segments. This is also one of our finest segments in which our research team has developed strong expertise over the years with a proven track record. We provide 2-3 high volume intraday tips everyday on stocks which are listed on NSE with a strong risk management strategy. To avoid confusion in trading the right recommendation, we limit the total number of calls given, without compromising on Quality. .Over these years we have maintained a consistent month-on-month accuracy of 80-85%. We at DreamGains set pre-defend targets and stop-loss, to normalize the trading strategy, for every recommendation based on the science of Technical Analysis. We provide proper follow up, till the position is closed through our extremely fast SMS service. Based on our past performance, stock cash segment can yield a return of 15-20% on a monthly basis. As a complementary service, we also send the update of the World Markets and NIFTY and Bank NIFTY futures levels to all out paid clients.

Our risk management strategy is unmatched in the industry with a strong emphasis on booking consistent profits rather than taking huge risks and booking big losses. We provide a detailed trading strategy to all our paid customers so that they can be in sync with our trading guidelines. A thorough risk assessment of the customer is also done to ascertain the ideal services to trade in based on guidelines given by the regulator.  A minimum capital of Rs.60,000 is suggested in this service to take maximum advantage of the recommendations. The customer will also receive a service conformation mail with all details of the services mentioned for future reference.

Past Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the recommendations provided in A group stocks only?

    We provide recommendations only in the top 500 stocks based on their market capitalization.

  2. How can I check the authenticity of the recommendations in 2 days of free trial?

    As we provide same calls to our paid customers, we update our track records on daily basis so whatever calls are given in the past also proves the performance of the products.

  3. How will the recommendations be delivered to me?

    The recommendations are sent via SMS. We even provide service on Yahoo messenger for paid clients.

  4. Will I get any other information on the markets along with the recommendations?

    We send SMS of world markets update and Nifty and Bank Nifty futures levels to all our paid clients.

  5. Do I need to maintain stop loss given in the call?

    We advise our customers to maintain proper Stop loss given in the call.

  6. Do I need to trade on all the calls given in Stock Cash product?

    Yes, the customer needs to trade in all the calls.

  7. Can I earn in bearish or down trending markets?

    Yes, we give short sell calls also in Cash segment where customers can earn profit in falling markets.

  8. What is the success ratio of the calls in Stock Cash product?

    We maintain 80-85% on our calls on consistent basis.

  9. How much return can be expected by trading on the Stock Cash recommendations of DreamGains?

    Based on our past performance, customers can expect a return of 15-20% on monthly basis.

  10. What is the minimum capital requirement to trade in Stock Cash recommendations of DreamGains?

    We recommend our clients to have a minimum Rs.60,000 of capital in your trading account and can take exposure on your investment from your brokers to trade on our recommendations.

Pricing Packages

Half- Yearly