Investor Pack


  • Every week at least 2 calls will be given. As more than 8 calls will be given in a month, so money management is to be done where not more than 15% of portfolio is to be invested on every call.
  • Risk-reward is not fixed and will depend on call to call.
  • A minimum of 1:1 is always maintained in all the calls.
  • Accuracy of 60-70% over the course of the month
  • Ideal Investment: Rs.2,00,000
  • Expected profit/month: Rs.30,000

Past Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any trial available in this product?

    We provide 2 days trial in this product.

  2. Is there any time period mentioned to hold a particular position?

    There is no time period mentioned when call is sent to the customers. But call is sent only when we think that stock is going to move soon.

  3. How much does one have to invest in in one call?

    We ask our customers not to invest more than 12-15% of their portfolio in any call as the frequency of calls will be more over a period of month.

  4. How many calls can be expected over a period of month?

    We try to generate minimum 2 calls in a week. But there are some instances where markets are too bearish and we avoid giving calls in that scenario which is very rare.

  5. What is the minimum capital requirement to trade in Stock Cash ULRA?

    We recommend our clients to have a minimum Rs.2,00,000 of capital in your trading account.

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