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  • On point and Figure Charts X’s represent up movements which are called boxes.
  • On point and Figure charts O’s represent down movements which are called boxes.
  • Box-size is pre-determined either as a price or a tick.
  • Price action is represented by the Y-axis.
  • A column of X’s or O’s represent a supply/demand.
  • Reversal plot takes place when the price action is changed by a number of boxes. (3-box).
  • Sensitivity of the chart is altered by varying the box size.
  • Price Changes less than the pre-selected price/tick size is ignored.
  • There is no time on horizontal axis; time is not represented with the PF.
  • There is no volume representation.
  • Gaps are not recorded. If the price gaps away all the boxes are filled in.
  • Catapult is defined as a break out and pull-back into the pattern.
  • Trendlines are vital part of 3 box reversal analysis and are drawn at a 45 degree angle as a Bullish Support (up trendline) and a Bearish Resistance (down trendline). These trend lines are drawn from an important low or high point of the chart.
  • The 1st Point & Figure charts used a reversal amount equal to 1 box size. These are called 1-box reversal charts to distinguish them from the newer and simpler 3-box reversal charts.

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